Halcyon House News

The weekly church service was provided by Jason Collier, representing the Ainsworth Community Church/United Church of Crawfordsville, Sunday, July 7, 2019. The sermon was titled “A New Song.” Scripture was from Psalm 40: 1-10. Beth Janecek served as pianist.

Halcyon House kicked off WesleyLife Week, Monday, July 8, with a devotional by Rob Kretzinger. Throughout the week residents and team members had the opportunity to add a little more movement and nutrition into their daily routine. Several walks on-site as well as off-site and many different superfood recipes were available for team members and residents to enjoy! A WesleyLife Week Step Challenge took place, motivating everyone to walk 10,000 steps per day. The Peppy’s Ice Cream truck stopped by. The closing ceremony , Friday, July 12, included live entertainment by Adam Klett, “10 Year Club” induction for team members, and yogurt with fresh berries.

Summer activities are in high gear at Halcyon. Something new this year in the three households are raised garden beds. Everyone is looking forward to the fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and the variety of other vegetables that have been planted. The many varieties and colors of the flowers in the courtyards are in full bloom for everyone to enjoy. Residents have also been enjoying the new patio umbrellas on the patios. They can eat their meals outside or just enjoy the summer sunshine. The new fountain outside in the pond and the colorful Koi fish have been a stop on sightseeing wheelchair rides.

Happy Hour is always a popular activity on Friday afternoons. Ice cream in the summer is always an enjoyed treat to end the week. We’ve had old-fashioned chocolate and cherry sodas, Root beer floats and to celebrate P.T. Barnum day we had ice cream with animal crackers .

Last Friday Pam, Don, and Sarah Newman brought in three of their golden retriever puppies that were 8 weeks old. These roly-poly little balls of fur brought many smiles and puppy kisses.

With the summer flying by so fast some of the trivia programs have included Amelia Earhart who was the first women to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, to Helen Keller who was the first person to receive a bachelor’s degree from Radcliffe College. July is also Princess Diana’s birth month (July 1). Lifestyle assistant Ethel Sieren brought in some of her collection of Princess Diana memorabilia to share: aporcelain doll wearing a replica of the famous wedding dress ( the real dress she wore had a 25-foot train ), Charles in his wedding attire and Prince William porcelain doll with the attire he wore at his Uncle Andrew’s wedding to Sarah Ferguson. There were wedding pictures, a rare news packet that was given out to 50 news reporters who were covering the wedding with information on everything down to the ivory taffeta gown which featured 10,000 pearls embroidered onto the dress. This week’s program was titled “Cow Appreciation Day.” Everyone started with a word search titled ‘til the Cows Come Home and some facts about cows and the health benefits from drinking milk. Cows are ruminants, which are cud-chewing mammals. They chew their cud up to 8 hours. a day (wouldn’t you love to be the person that had to figure that fact out.) They have 32 teeth and cows can smell something up to 6 miles away, like food. I always thought they could spot an open gate 6 miles away.

We’ve had visitors from the “Summer Serve” Bible Camp with Linsey and Allison Hippen as the leaders of this group . Candyland, dice, and Minion Trouble were some of the games that were played with the residents. Treats for everyone were also served and a side of laughter could be heard.

The YMCA Day Care children ages 4 -5 years old came and played games and colored pictures with the residents. Everyone did a great job with their coloring project.

Happy Birthday wishes this week go out to Lois Greiner, Bea Johnson, Fred Stark, Nan Stark, and Carolyn Kaufman.