Stigers to begin hosting  town hall meetings

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


After serving on the Washington City Council for about two months, council member Fran Stigers hopes to gather more information from his constituents by holding town hall meetings that will give people the chance to express concerns.

The first of the meetings will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 14 in the Timmons Room at Halcyon House. Stigers said the meeting is a great way for the community to connect with the city council. He said the meeting will be very ?laid back? and there will be no agenda. He said people can just show up.

?It is just another way for people to say they have an issue and we should discuss it,? he said. ?It is another way to do it in a public forum but it will be less structured. Some people don?t like talking in a public forum like a council meeting. This gives them another avenue to get their concerns to the city council.?

Stigers said he will keep notes on the comments and will take the comments to the city council. He stressed the meetings are open to anyone, not just the people in his ward. He also plans to have a sign-in sheet and he will email reminders of coming meetings.

He said this would be the first of many forums of this kind. He plans on holding the meetings on the second Wednesday of every month, as long as there is public interest.

Stigers said that he has talked with the other council members so he will know if any will attend. One concern is that if a quorum of council members attend and no agenda is posted, it could constitute an illegal meeting. He hopes to have only one other council member at the meeting.

In the time he has been a council member, and even prior when he was campaigning, Stigers said many people have discussed issues with him. He said since being elected he had fielded many questions and complaints.

?Even if it is someone just wanting to blow off steam about something they see wrong with the city,? he said. ?Here is your chance to do it.?