Brighton council concerned about water pump going out

BRIGHTON — Discussion on the City’s budget for the coming fiscal year has not begun in earnest, but City Municipalities Assistant Superintendent Jeff Duwa may have given the Brighton City Council a capital expense that could show itself soon.

During the regular council meeting Tuesday, Duwa reported that one of the city’s two water pumps was beginning to make a noise. He believes the noise is coming from the engine inside the pump. The pump is used to fill the city’s water tower from its deep well and Duwa said the problems with the pump should not result in a loss of water pressure in the city.

“My thought is I’m hoping the pump holds on and you can make a decision on this,” Duwa said. “When the motor starts making a noise, it could be a line starting to go bad, and we would be stuck with only one pump.”

The city’s most recent water pump was purchased in 2009. Council member Chuck Emry commented water pumps aren’t meant to last that long. Because the problem was just discovered, no cost estimate was given for a replacement pump or for repairs to the existing pump. The council plans to discuss the pump further during its Feb. 19 meeting and is expected to decide whether to purchase a new pump or rebuild the existing pump.

Duwa also reported the city had a water main break, which was repaired over the weekend of Feb. 2-3. He said the leak had been there for a few days, but the city couldn’t find it until after the snow melted over the weekend. He said the leak cost the city about 30,000 gallons of water a day and may have affected water pressure. Duwa said the leak may have happened as a result of the city’s older 4-inch cast iron water pipes, which are being replaced.

Emry commented the city’s schematics of the water system had not been kept up for several decades and now the setup of the system is different. Duwa said he is keeping track of any changes made to the system and is hoping to update the schematics soon.