'In the spotlight' talent show returns to Washington

Washington’s got talent and on Saturday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m. they are going to show it off with the third annual “In the Spotlight” talent show at the Washington Area Performing Arts and Events Center (WAPEC).

Twenty-five acts will take the stage to entertain and compete for first, second and third prize as well as the judges’ and people’s choice awards. Judges include local performing arts instructors and a Riverside Casino talent scout.

Jan Gallagher, of the WAPEC advisory committee, said the night gives an opportunity unique to the area where people of all ages can come entertain and be entertained.

“A lot of people would never have the opportunity to perform on a stage like that and this gives anybody who really wants to put themselves out there to perform, a chance,” she said.

In the past, acts have ranged from singing to magicians to beat boxers to gymnastics artists. Tsalika Rich has performed in the past and said having the opportunity to showcase her own talent in her hometown is an opportunity not many people have.

“I have always enjoyed singing and I have done it before for fun, and I think it’s wonderful when Washington offers new ways to outlet for people to be entertained and to be able to showcase whatever talents they have,” she said.

Rich said the first time she attended she was blown away by the local talent and the range of acts that performed. She said it was exciting to see Washington giving people of all ages a chance and place to perform.

“Often you have school performances but not necessarily an outlet for adults. This gives them a chance to do something that’s not karaoke at a bar and it’s wonderful for people to be able to go see that,” she said.

Tickets for the talent show are available at the door the night of the performance or online. To purchase tickets or to register, visit: