July 10

Police log

Jail count

20 – Washington County Male Inmates

4 – Washington County Female Inmates

42 – Out of County Contract Inmates

66 – TOTAL

Total revenue for housing out of county contract inmates from July 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019: $603,190

Traffic accident

A caller Wednesday afternoon at East Washington Street in Washington reported a traffic accident with no injuries. Vehicle operators were Janet Marie Drish and a juvenile operator. Two officers responded. It was a non-reportable accident, with damages less than $1,500. The juvenile subject was cited for failure to stop within a safe assured distance, and was given a court date of 9 a.m. on Aug. 15, 2019.

An officer reported being out with a vehicle along the roadway, Wednesday night at 325th Street and Coppock Road in Washington, after a car-vs.-deer accident. There were no injuries to vehicle occupants. The vehicle operator was Nathan Allen Lowe, of Wayland. A state accident report was given to the operator.

Disabled vehicles

A caller early Thursday morning at Highway 218 and Old White Way in Crawfordsville reported that she was on her way to help a friend with her disabled vehicle and would like help when she arrived there. The vehicle was back on the road before a responding officer arrived.


A caller early Thursday morning at North Fourth Avenue in Washington reported three juvenile subjects playing outside past curfew. An officer responded and spoke with the subjects’ mother, who was outside supervising the children. There were no problems.

Disorderly conduct

An officer reported being at the library for a disorderly conduct complaint, Wednesday afternoon at West Washington Street in Washington. An additional officer responded. Documentation was made.

Family offense nonviolent

A caller Wednesday night at South Iowa Avenue in Washington requested to speak with an officer regarding an incident at his residence. He left the house on foot and was in the high school parking lot. An officer responded and spoke with all subjects. The caller left with his parent.

Hang-up 911 calls

Two hang-up 911 calls were reported from a subject, Wednesday morning at Seventh Avenue in Wellman. There was no answer upon callback. Dispatch was able to make contact with a female, who requested an ambulance for her husband. An officer, a Washington County ambulance and Wellman QRS responded. The ambulance transported the subject to Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, arriving at 1:03 p.m.

Illegal dumping

A caller Wednesday afternoon at West Main Street in Washington reported that 12 additional bags of trash had been dumped in the alley again. Officers conferred and advised that they would have City Streets pick up the bags, and an officer planned to look into the situation. City Streets was advised and agreed to pick up the trash bags on Thursday.

Runaways/missing person

A caller Wednesday afternoon at West Monroe Street in Washington reported that her 15-year-old son had not returned home. He was last seen the previous day at 5:45 p.m. An officer spoke to the caller, who filled out a Guarantee of Transport. The juvenile was entered into the system as missing. Less than two hours later, the juvenile returned home, then quickly jumped out the window and ran toward Family Video. Two officers responded and were unable to locate him.

A caller Wednesday night at West Monroe Street in Washington reported a runaway juvenile located at the residence. Charges were filed for interference and assault on a peace officer. The juvenile was transported to Eldora.

Suspicious activity

An officer reported being out with a female walking, Wednesday afternoon at Highway 1 in Brighton. The officer gave the subject a ride into town to the library.

Welfare check

A caller Wednesday night at East 15th Street in Washington reported believing that someone was inside a garage unit and had not come out for more than 24 hours. The caller could hear a fan running inside. An officer responded and was unable to locate anyone.

All other offenses

A caller Wednesday morning at Prospect Place in Washington reported a subject going through trash and recycle items again. An officer located the subject at Sunset Park. The subject was advised for a second time not to go through the dumpsters or recycle anymore.

A caller Wednesday morning at West Main Street in Washington reported that an abandoned bicycle had been in the park for three days. It was blue and had no seat. An officer transported the bike to the bike shed.

A caller Thursday morning at East Polk Street in Washington requested an officer for help with a subject who was acting out. An officer responded and transported the subject to the Washington County Hospital in Washington for an evaluation.