Mystery of the disappearing checks

BRIGHTON — City clerk Amy Dailey does not know where some of the checks that were placed in the Brighton City Hall drop box have gone, but is concerned enough to ask the Brighton City Council for some additional security measures.

During Wednesday’s regular city council meeting, Dailey explained there had been three situations in December that a resident had put a check into the drop box located on the outside of Brighton City Hall, but Dailey had not received it. She said several city workers had looked at the box to determine if there was any way someone could have gotten into it, but found nothing. The box has been tightened in an attempt to eliminate the possibility of someone accessing it.

“One of the first people who had an issue with it said she had seen some kids messing with it,” Dailey said, “I notified Mary, who watches the kids, and told her we might have an issue and to keep a close eye on them.”

She explained one incident would not have been a problem, but that it had happened two more times during the same time frame. Dailey also said the checks were from people she is sure submitted them as they claimed. Council member Scott Hughes commented the checks are made out to the City of Brighton, so he didn’t think anyone other than the city would be able to cash them.

The council discussed the possibility of getting a new safe for city hall. The drop box empties into a safe in the main office/council chambers inside the building.

Brighton Fire Chief Bill Farmer, who was attending the meeting, commented that he always double checks to ensure his payment drops into the safe when he uses the drop box. He wondered if the checks might have gotten stuck without the resident noticing, making it possible for someone to grab it out of the box.

“It’s kind of a mystery,” Dailey said, “I just wanted to let you know we have tightened it up and examined it.”

Council member Melvin Rich asked if anyone other than city employees had been in the office. Davies said the door to the office is always shut and interactions with residents is done through a window. The door is locked unless someone is in the office, she said.

The council determined to find out the price of a new safe for the office. Dailey expects to have a recommendation for the council at the next meeting.