Police log

Jail count

Males – N/A

Females – N/A

Work release – N/A

Special needs – N/A

Contract inmates – N/A

Treatment – N/A

Holding – N/A

Other facility – N/A

Total – N/A


An officer reported being at a residence checking for a wanted subject, Thursday morning at Kleopfer Avenue in Riverside. Nathaniel Ross Folker, 40, of Riverside, was arrested on a Mount Pleasant Police Department warrant for forgery of signature/unauthorized use of credit card. Bond was $5,000 cash or surety. The officer transported the subject to jail. Extradition arrangements were made with Henry County.

A caller Thursday night at West Main Street in Washington reported that a wanted subject was upstairs for court. An officer responded. The warrant was recalled by the judge.

Traffic accident

A caller Thursday morning at Highway 1 in Washington reported a silver Explorer on its side. The caller spoke to the driver, who was OK, just waiting for a ride. Two officers responded. An officer attempted to contact the registered owner and was unable to reach them. The vehicle was towed by Moore’s, to be released upon payment of the tow bill. There was no state accident report to be filed. The towed vehicle was entered into the system. The vehicle had knocked over a 911 address sign.

An officer reported being out with an accident in front of the business, Thursday night at Eighth Avenue in Wellman. Vehicle operators were Joseph Leon Sresky, of Keota, and Todd Loren Ledger, of Williamsburg. Damages were under $1,500.

Traffic stop serious

An officer reported a vehicle stop, early Friday morning at South Farmer Street and West Madison Street in Brighton. Roger Martin Scott, of Brighton, was cited into court for driving under suspension, third offense.

Disabled vehicles

An officer reported being out with a disabled vehicle, Thursday evening at 230th Street and Highway 1 in Washington. The officer advised that the driver would be on their way shortly.

Animal complaint

A caller Thursday morning at Iowa River Road in Riverside reported that his neighbor’s dog came onto his property and began fighting with his dog. His dog was not injured, and the other dog was no longer on his property. An officer spoke with both parties. Eric Brun, of Riverside, will be issued a written warning for dog at large.

Hang-up 911 calls

A hang-up 911 call from a male caller was reported, Thursday morning at 130th Street in Riverside. Dispatch was unable to make contact upon calling back, as the phone number was no longer in service. An officer responded and spoke with both parties. They were having a verbal disagreement. The parties were going to separate.


A caller Thursday afternoon at 170th Street in Washington reported being threatened by a subject over Facebook Messenger. An officer spoke with the caller. The information was documented.

All other theft

A caller Thursday afternoon at Lexington Boulevard in Washington reported that an inmate advised them that money had been taken off his SSI card, and was requesting to speak with an officer. The report is under investigation.

All other offenses

A caller Thursday night at East Main Street in Washington reported a 13-year-old who had been at the Y for eight hours, since noon. His mother was to pick him up, and he last spoke with her at 6 p.m. An officer located the mother at the residence and assisted with returning the juvenile home.