Police log

11 – Washington County Male Inmates

4 – Washington County Female Inmates

44 – Out of County Contract Inmates

59 – TOTAL

Total revenue for housing out of county contract inmates from July 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019: $456,380

Traffic accident

A caller Monday morning at South Ninth Avenue and East Washington Street in Washington reported a vehicle turning southbound on Ninth from East Washington Street sideswiped her vehicle that morning. It was a red SUV. An officer spoke with the caller. The information was documented.

Disabled vehicles

An officer reported an occupied disabled vehicle, Monday night at West Madison Street and Highway 1 in Washington. The officer learned that the car overheated. The operator was going to let it sit for a bit and then be on his way.

Fire calls

A caller Monday morning at East Third Street in Washington reported that mulch by the house was on fire near the wooden deck. An officer and Washington Fire responded. The fire was extinguished.

A report was filed Monday morning, updated from an earlier incident. It was in reference to a car reported on fire at Highway 218 and Highway 22, northbound exit, at Riverside, on April 9. State Patrol was handling the accident.

Disorderly conduct

A caller Monday morning at F Avenue in Kalona reported that they had an unruly student, and requested a deputy. A juvenile was transported to the jail and was charged with serious/aggravated assault. The juvenile was picked up and taken to detention.

Family offense


A caller Monday afternoon at East Second Street in Washington reported that two subject were arguing in the apartment below his. Two officers responded. The argument was verbal only, and the female subject left with her child.


missing person

An officer reported speaking with the parent of a juvenile, who advised that the juvenile did not return home, Monday night at East Madison Street in Washington. The parent requested documentation.


A caller Monday afternoon at South Fourth Avenue in Washington reported that a student walked out during school. An officer responded. The student left with her mother. The school planned to have a meeting with the subject later. Documentation was made.

Welfare check

A caller Monday morning at East Jefferson Street in Washington reported a male subject who had been sitting in a white car out front for the past 20 minutes. He appeared to be falling asleep and stepping on the gas pedal. An officer responded. The vehicle left before the officer’s arrival, in an unknown direction of travel.

All other theft

A caller Friday night at East River Street in Riverside reported theft in the residence. Family members were contacted in reference to the situation, and an officer did respond to the residence. The report was unfounded.

A caller Saturday afternoon at Second Street in Wellman reported that the maintenance man was on her property using her electricity to do outside work. She had it shut off, and he had then tampered with the meter. Two officers responded. The issue was resolved for the time being.

All other offenses

A caller Friday morning at North Sixth Avenue in Washington reported damage to her son’s vehicle from track practice at the school. An officer responded and spoke with the caller. The subjects had the other parties’ information and were going to handle the call themselves.

A caller early Saturday morning at Highway 22 in Riverside requested assistance with a female who was refusing to leave the casino because she was trying to make contact with her “significant other,” who was on the gaming floor. An officer was en route and the casino called back to advised that the officer could disregard because the female went back to the hotel.

A caller Saturday night at 200th Street and Larch Avenue in Washington reported four 4-wheelers driving down the roadway and through fields. An officer responded and spoke with subject who were riding through a field that belonged to family members of one of the juveniles.

A caller Sunday night at East Madison Street in Washington reported a car alarm going off and being unable to get an answer at the door of the vehicle owner. An officer responded and located the vehicle, but the alarm was no longer going off.

A caller Sunday night at Walnut Avenue and Highway 22 in Riverside reported what she believed to be a female subject outside screaming. An officer responded and was unable to locate.

A caller Monday evening reported a strong smell of ammonia on North Marion Avenue in Washington. An officer responded and advised that there was someone spraying in a nearby field.

A caller Monday night at East Second Street and North Ninth Avenue in Washington reported a juvenile subject on a bike in an altercation with other subjects. Two officers responded. The juvenile subject was taken to the Washington County Hospital in Washington.

A caller early Tuesday morning reported that his juvenile stepson, who was on probation, sneaked out of the house. The caller followed and passed him while driving to get him to stop, and the juvenile rear-ended the caller. They were stopped; but while the call was taking place, the juvenile drove off, heading eastbound with no headlights. An officer responded and stopped the juvenile at Highway 78 and Fir Avenue in Brighton. An additional officer also responded. The vehicle was privately towed. An officer transported the juvenile to Washington County Hospital in Washington. A report will be filed.