Police log

July 15, 2019

Jail count

N/A — Washington County Male Inmates

N/A — Washington County Female Inmates

N/A — Out of County Contract Inmates


Total revenue for housing out of county contract inmates from July 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019: $603,190


A subject was reported in the lobby to turn himself in on a warrant, Monday night at Lexington Boulevard in Washington. Nathaniel William Scheppler, 25, of Wellman, was arrested on a Washington County warrant for pretrial release revocation on original charges of eluding injury OWI or drugs or participate in a felony and operating while under the influence, first offense. Bond was $10,000 cash only. The paper was served by an officer. The warrant was cleared from the system.

Disabled vehicles

An unoccupied disabled vehicle was reported, Monday night at 320th Street and Redwood Avenue in Wayland. It was added to the system.

Civil standby

A caller Monday afternoon at South Eighth Avenue in Washington requested a civil standby while trying to pick up her children. An officer responded. The children left with their mother.

Disorderly conduct

A deputy reported assisting with a disorderly juvenile at the fair, Monday afternoon at Highway 1 in Washington. An additional officer also responded. The issue was resolved.

Drug/narcotics violation

A caller Monday evening at Monroe Street in Ainsworth reported locating drug items. An officer responded. They were not drug items. The report was unfounded.

Runaways/missing person

A caller Monday afternoon at Lexington Boulevard in Washington reported that a juvenile ran away from their parent. The mother reported that the juvenile was walking on Lexington Boulevard toward Highway 1, refusing to get into the car. Two officers responded. The officers assisted the family with the child.

Sexual assault

A caller Monday afternoon at East Washington Street in Washington reported a sexual assault. An officer spoke with the caller. The report is under investigation.


A caller Monday morning at Eighth Avenue in Wellman requested to speak with a deputy about a previous shoplifting and a no-trespass letter he would like to have delivered. An officer responded. He was going to give the trespass order to Civil for processing.

Welfare check

A caller Monday afternoon at West Madison Street requested to speak to an officer in reference to concerns over young children. An officer responded. The subjects left before the officer’s arrival.

All other offenses

An officer reported being out at the Super Wash in reference to an abandoned bicycle, Monday morning at West Monroe Street in Washington. A small pink-and-purple Huffy Princess bike with a basket and a bell were taken to the bike shed. Documentation was made.

A caller Monday night at Coppock Road in Washington reported that a small child was in the middle of the road. A car had to swerve to miss the child. An officer responded and spoke with the parents, although there was a language barrier. The officer advised them of the complaint.