Stewart Elementary students drinking bottled water only Wednesday, Thursday

Drinking fountains covered as nearby water project may be culprit for possible sediment in water

Students at Stewart Elementary in Washington noticed their water was flowing with a yellow tint on Wednesday, March 24. The school took immediate safety precautions by covering all water fountains and only drinking from bottled water for the remainder of the day and the following day.

Washington Maintenance and Construction Superintendent JJ Bell said he was unsure why there was water discoloration, but said it was more than likely caused by work being done in the area.

“We had a water project over by the Wagon Wheel and it shouldn’t have affected them, but it’s possible that it could have,” he said.

Bell said his best guess is that the project was the culprit behind the discoloration and that it would go away soon. He said the water still is chlorinated and safe for students to wash their hands and flush toilets.

Stewart Principal Adam Miller said the problem was discovered early that morning and as a safety precaution the school used bottled water for both food prep and drinking.

“We’re going to clean out all of our filters and everything here and make sure the water quality is high,” he said. “We’re playing it safe and making sure we have everything safe here before we allow anybody to drink the water.”

Miller said the school’s maintenance staff will test the water quality before students are allowed to drink the water once again.