Supervisors approve 9.77 increase in property tax asking

The Washington County supervisors approved the FY20 budget which includes a nearly 10 percent increase in property tax. This follows a 15 percent increase from the FY19 budget.

The property tax total for FY19 was $11,493,779 and is up to $12,616,218 for FY20, an increase of 9.77 percent.

This is due in large part to Washington County assuming the responsibility of the County Wide Communications. Originally, each individual city within Washington County paid their portion of the budget for communications as did the county. For the county, this came out of the rural services basic levy.

The tax rates per $1,000 taxable valuation will be $8.211 in urban areas and $11.1654 in rural areas.

Because the county is now assuming responsibility, that rural services basic levy has gone down 13.18 percent and the general supplemental levy has risen 39.42 percent, as the county is paying for all of it.

Washington County IT director Cyndie Sinn said the levies in the individual cities should lower to reflect this change.