Todd joins the team at Fareway

GTNS photo by David Hotle

Carl Todd recently joined the Washington Fareway as assistant manager of the meat department.
GTNS photo by David Hotle Carl Todd recently joined the Washington Fareway as assistant manager of the meat department.

The only job Carl Todd has ever had is working at Fareway.

Todd began working at the grocery store in his hometown of Marion shortly after he graduated from high school in 2005. After college, he decided to pursue a management path at Fareway. He has worked at stores in Maquoketa, Estherville, and Denison. He recently joined the Washington store as the assistant manager of the meat department.

What brings you to Washington?

They offered me a position here as an assistant manager and I decided to take it. It was a good career move for me. This will be my third time as an assistant manager and hopefully it will be my last time before I get promoted and get my own store.

Since you have been in Washington what do you think?

I like it a lot. I really like the downtown environment. It is a small town but I love how built up the downtown is. It is busy downtown. That is very impressive for a small community. Sometimes you get into small towns and the downtown community is empty.

What’s your favorite thing about Washington?

There are a lot of things I like, but here we actually have delivery. Pizza Hut in Denison didn’t deliver. That is my favorite thing so far.

Why did you start working for Fareway?

It is a very stable career. People always need to buy food so the grocery business is not going to go away. I was looking at what I could do with my degree and to get a job I wanted I would have had to go to school for another four to six years. I like working here because the environment in the stores is very friendly and your co-workers are awesome.

Tell me something about working at Fareway most people don’t know.

It can be very rewarding. People around the community, when I tell them I work at Fareway, many times they immediately say it is one of their favorite places to shop. You hear that a lot.

What are some of your hobbies?

I exercise a little bit. Last year I didn’t do as much. I run and I ride my bike. I try to do RAGBRAI once every third year or so if I can get friends to go with me. I also play video games.

What are your plans for the future?

To get promoted to a market manager. I will be here hopefully two to three years and get promoted. I also want to run a marathon. That is one of my goals. I have tried but I never quite get there.