Washington CC approves bid for City Hall, Police Department project

An under-budget bid for the new Washington City Hall and Police Department Building was approved by the Washington City Council Tuesday night.

The low bid came from Bushong Construction for $1,909,000, below the $2,100,000 budget that was approved at the April 2 meeting. The original budget for the project was $1,580,000 but after receiving plans back from Design Alliance, found that budget would not suffice all the upgrades needed to accomplish the project.

“When you’re doing big projects, you have to commit the resources to get big projects done,” he said. “If you’re not willing to roll with it, then you’ll never get those projects done.”

During the meeting on Tuesday, July 16, Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said having Bushong complete the project will make for a “seamless transition” as they are already completing work on the Washington Fire Station. To make up the extra funding, the council has decided to take one more year to pay off the project. Once it is paid off, payments will be made to an equipment reserve and maintenance fund to help upkeep the building.

“When this project is done, we’ll have all nice buildings and that is great, as far as the city goes, but we want to keep them nice,” he said.

Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien said the construction moving forward was an exciting step in the process and although the numbers are not ideal, they are essential for building a structure that will last for future generations. The decision was approved by a vote of 5-1. Council member Brendan DeLong abstained.