Washington City Council approves bid for southeast sewer basin project

The Washington City Council approved a bid for the southeast sanitary sewer basin project which has an anticipated start date of March 11, 2019.

The accepted bid came from Municipal Pipe Tool of Hudson at a cost of $1,079,630.10. City Administrator Brent Hinson explained the project is being partially funded by a $600,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). However, in order to use the full grant, the city needs to have a total cost of $1,327,399 because the grant is matched at 40 percent. This would result in the CDBG covering $600,000 and the city the additional $727,399.

Currently, the city is investigating what additional work they could add that would be eligible in order to use the full amount. The suggested items included manhole covers because the CDBG will not cover storm sewers, thus making them ineligible work.

He said the scheduled improvements are good for 15 years, but additional improvements could expand the lifetime of the sewer improvements to 20 years. The current scheduled improvements include repairing all necessary point repairs and pipes in the worst conditions within the southeast basin.

If the city is unable to meet their required $727,399 they will not receive the full $600,000 of the grant and will have to give up around $116,000. To reduce the probability of this happening, Hinson said the city is also looking into trying to increase the match from the CDBG from 40 to 50 percent which will reduce the city cost to $600,000 and they will still receive the full $600,000 in matching funds. If they are successful, the additional $127,000 not used can be put into savings for the next sewer project.