Washington County Fair to see new cattle building in 2020

The Washington County fairgrounds will be seeing big changes soon as the fair board moves to tear down two existing buildings and construct one larger one in its place.

At the Washington County Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 8, fair board president Dean Sieren, vice president John Wagner and board member Jarrod Horning approached the board to explain the plan.

Wagner explained the cattle barns they currently have are being used for goats and there is no room for bottle calves. He said the 4-H program is growing and has become the eighth largest in the state.

The existing wooden barns are deteriorating and the board has moved to knock down two and construct one large steel building in its place. The new cattle barn will be slightly larger than the existing wood barns.

The new building will be a steel framed 138-foot-by-150-foot space. They have chosen a steel framed building because it will provide better ventilation for both livestock and humans, and they believe it will last much longer than if they constructed another wooden barn.

“The committee’s worked on this thing for two years to try and come up with a plan that’s going to work,” Horning said, explaining they have done extensive research to make sure this is the most cost-effective and low-maintenance option.

The project is estimated to cost $462,000, with $175,000 having already been raised for the project. Construction is expected to begin after the 2019 Washington County Fair and be completed in time for the 2020 Washington County Fair.