Wellman water to be checked

WELLMAN — With the water system having been a cause for concern for over five years, the Wellman City Council voted Monday to contract with Fox Engineers of Ames to do a complete evaluation of the city’s water system to see if upgrades are needed and how the system could be made more efficient.

City administrator Kelly Litwiller said for several years the city has had issues with the operation of the plant until recently hiring certified operator Tim Garrett as water superintendent. She explained in the past Wellman had used part time operators or people who were not certified to operate the plant. After starting the job, she said Garrett had asked for the evaluation of the city’s water equipment before recommending any upgrades.

“He felt we needed someone else to look at it,” Litwiller said.

In addition to the evaluation, Fox will provide a planning-level report to replace the system, evaluate the current system, and evaluate any issues found. The cost of the evaluation is $27,600. Council members said the cost of the evaluation would be made up for with improved water system performance.

In addition to the treatment plant, the system uses two deep wells to provide water for the city. Mayor Ryan Miller commented that with the money the city has invested in the water system, the evaluation will help ensure it is being used in the best way possible.