At the Library by Allie Paarsmith

Earlier this month, several of us attended the Iowa Library Association Conference. I love going to these conferences since I learn about the neat things other libraries are doing and get so many ideas. The sessions that struck home for me were about services to seniors. There are three services that I would like to put in place: homebound delivery, hobby-based programs and device advice.

Homebound delivery is something we’ve been talking about for a while. We know that it’s hard to get downtown some times, and all sorts of life events can make that even more difficult. Currently, if you have any sort of issue getting or returning items, give us a call and we’ll figure something out. In future, we will have a form to make everything official.

I’d also like to start doing more hobby-based programs, like puzzles, board games, or cards. These programs would be on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday mornings starting at 10 a.m. If you have any ideas, let me know and we can incorporate them into my plans.

My last genius idea is a device advice session. With the holidays coming up, I know that lots of people end up with new devices that they don’t know how to use. I would love to meet with people to answer questions, but I don’t know when or where! I’d like to make it a consistent time and place somewhere near the library where people hang out in the morning. I have limited time, but I’d be able to answer quick questions as long as you have the device with you.

I hope you don’t mind me taking this time to spitball some ideas with you. I’d rather put these ideas out into the ether and get some feedback than start with a half-baked plan. If there are other thoughts people have, let me know! I’m almost always at the front desk.