7th grade drops 2

Washington’s seventh-grade girls basketball team hosted Mt. Pleasant Monday.

The A team lost 40-18 and the B team lost 10-5.

In the A game, Audrey Anderson had six points, one rebound and one steal. Other stats were Abby Kleese - three rebounds; Caitlin Kroll - one rebound; Evelyn Leyden - one rebound; Gabby Goodwin - one rebound; Giselle Marcelino - four points, one rebound, one steal; Maci Williams - four points, five rebounds, one steal; Reagan Stouder - two points; Rylee Libe - three rebounds, one steal; Taylor Bartholomew - two points, two rebounds, two steals.

Stats for the B game were Aliyah Jara - one rebound, four steals; Ava Wolfe - two rebounds; Caitlin Kroll - one rebound; Izzy Jones - one rebound, one steal; Jetzibe Rocha Sanchez - four points, two rebounds; Julianna Watson - one rebound, one steal; Stouder - two rebounds; Libe- one point, two steals.