YMCA Water Sharks take 3rd at state

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Quinn Wubenna strokes his way down the lane at the state YMCA meet March 3-4 in Marshalltown.
Photo contributed Quinn Wubenna strokes his way down the lane at the state YMCA meet March 3-4 in Marshalltown.

The Washington YMCA Water Sharks placed third in Division 4 with a combined team score total of 250 points from the state meet March 2-3 at Marshalltown in the Natatorium.

There were five girls and 14 boys who made the trip.

“Our team did a great job at state this year,” YMCA swim coach Samantah Van Houten said.

The boys 8 and under Medley and Free Relays both finished 4fourth overall.

“Tyson Huber, Owen Wulf, Kaden Huber, and Eli Wulf have swam very well together this year,” Van Houten said.

Huber also placed third in the 25- and 50-yard breaststroke events.

Michael Kimball had two second-place finishes in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle events.

Brennen Westphal had a fourth-place finish in his 100-yard breaststroke and a fifth place finish in his 50-yard breaststroke.

“Everyone did an amazing job,” Van Houten said.

The coaches chose one female and one male to be the recipients of the All-Star Award that is given out at state. Hannah Dennis and Zac Parsons received these for working hard as well as exemplifying the four core values of the YMCA (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Caring).

“Zac is our only senior this year and we wish him the best on his future plans,” Van Houten said.

The theme for State this year was Movie Mayhem. The kids got to pick their own photo props as well as little golden trophies to use during theme parade. This is always a fun part of the weekend where the participants get to walk around the pool as a team with all of the other state qualifiers.

“The Washington Water Shark team should be very proud of themselves,” Van Houten said. “They have had a great season and have worked hard all year. We look forward to seeing what next year brings.”

This Saturday and Sunday Michael Kimball, Audrey Wubbena, Quinn Wubbena, Makenzie Messer, and Owen Wulf will compete at the Wellmark YMCA in Des Moines for the YMCA North Central Regional meet.

On the next weekend (March 23-24) Brennen Westphal, Makenzie Messer, and Owen Wulf will compete in Minnesota at the Midwest Regional meet.

Results from state


15-21 Medley Relay – Carmen Sieren, Tori Hinson, Isabel Coffman, Hannah Dennis

21st place in 2 minutes, 17.9 seconds

15-21 100 Yard Breaststroke – Isabel Coffman

10th place in 1:21.55

15-21 Free Relay – Tori Hinson, Carmen Sieren, Alex Murphy, Isabel Coffman

19th in 2:04.54


12-21 100 Yard Butterfly

Colton Slaubaugh, 16th in 1:03.56

Zac Parsons, 22nd in 1:10.02

15-21 200 Yard Freestyle

Michael Kimball, 7th in 1:55.65

Quinn Wubbena, 8th in 2:05.31

8 & under Medley Relay

Eli Wulf, Tyson Huber, Owen Wulf, Kaden Huber

4th place in 1:23.33

15-21 Medley Relay

Noah Kleese, Quinn Wubbena, Colton Slaubaugh, Michael Kimball

8th place in 1:52.59

Gabe Bruns, Riley Yoder, Zac Parsons, Lucas Kitchen

17th place in 2:14.25

8 & under 25 Yard Freestyle

Owen Wulf, 8th in 16.55

Tyson Huber, 18th in 18.26

Eli Wulf, 25th in 19.47

15-21 50 Yard Freestyle

Michael Kimball, 2nd in 22.41

Noah Kleese, 12th in 24.85

Lucas Kitchen, 21st in 26.76

Colton Slaubaugh, 22nd in 27.05

11-12 100 Yard Individual Medley

Brennen Westphal, 13th in 1:18.75

8 & under 25 Yard Butterfly

Owen Wulf, 7th in 19.88

Kaden Huber, 15th in 23.00

13-21 50 Yard Butterfly

Colton Slaubaugh, 11th in 28.84

8 & under 50 Breaststroke

Tyson Huber, 3rd in 49.64

11-12 50 Yard Breaststroke

Brennen Westphal, 5th in 36.57

15-21 100 Yard Freestyle

Michael Kimball, 2nd in 49.28

Quinn Wubbena, 7th in 54.40

Noah Kleese, 8th in 54.87

15-21 100 Yard Backstroke

Noah Kleese, 7th in 1:06.07

Zac Parsons, 11th in 1:17.33

15-21 100 Yard Breaststroke

Quinn Wubbena, 11th in 1:14.16

Lucas Kitchen, 13th in 1:17.13

8 & under 50 Yard Freestyle

Owen Wulf, 11th in 38.66

8 & under 25 Yard Backstroke

Eli Wulf, 14th in 22.51

8 & under 25 Yard Breaststroke

Tyson Huber, 3rd in 23.42

11-12 100 Yard Breaststroke

Brennen Westphal, 4th in 1:20.13

8 & under Free Relay

Kaden Huber, Eli Wulf, Tyson Huber, Owen Wulf – finished 4th place with a time of 1:15.32

15-21 Free Relay

Colton Slaubaugh, Quinn Wubbena, Noah Kleese, Michael Kimball – 6th in 1:37.95

Kevin Flannery, Gabe Bruns, Zac Parsons, Lucas Kitchen – 15th win 1:56.10