County Attorney's Office looks to replace grant funding

Grant funding for crime victim assistance, domestic abuse victims was not renewed, does not affect FY 2020

The Henry County Attorney’s Office is looking into alternative funding after two grants they have received annually to help cover the cost of crime victim assistance and to provide services to domestic abuse victims for the past several years were not renewed.

The grants not received by the county this year will not affect fiscal budget 2020; however, county attorney Darin Stater said his office is looking into other grants before the next fiscal year.

“Our budget stays the same, we’re just going to be lacking some reimbursement for now,” Stater said during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, July 9.

The two grants the Attorney’s Office was receiving was a $12,000 grant for crime victim assistance and around a $13,000 grant to provide services to domestic abuse victims. The grants helped pay the salaries of Jennifer Lehman, victim coordinator, and Terri Quartucci, assistant Henry County attorney, to provide services to domestic abuse victims as the domestic abuse prosecutor.

“Those are two services I can’t cut,” Stater said. “They’re crucial to our offices. It deals with two of the most vulnerable pools of our society — crime victims overall, but especially domestic assault victims who need support more than anyone.”

Stater said that grants are getting cut nation wide, which is really disappointing. His office will continue to pursue alternative grant funding to reimburse some of the services offered at the Henry County Attorney’s Office.

In other news, the Henry County Road Department spent last week cleaning up after wind storms, prepping future projects and doing other routine tasks.

On Monday, July 1, the Road Department cleaned up a tree that fell on Dakota Avenue following wind storms. They also worked on paved road shoulders and worked on storm intake on J20 near Geode State Park. They prepared for a future pipe replacement and mowed shoulders on gravel roads.

Throughout the rest of the week, territory operators continued working on paved road shoulders and mowing shoulders on gravel roads. They worked on a minor ditching project on Marsh Avenue and fixed up a blowup on Oasis Avenue on the Fourth of July.

They also cleaned out the old shed south of New London. A new shed is under construction south of New London.