SEISC Announces all-conference teams

The SEISC released its all-conference baseball teams this week and the area’s teams were represented well. Highland had nine players named to the team and Iowa Mennonite had seven.

Four IMS players were named to the first team. Pitcher Trevor Leyden made the squad after finishing the year 3-0 with a 0.33 ERA and 24 strikeouts. Catcher Blake Bontrager earned a spot after leading the team with a .415 average and 25 RBIs. Eli Ours (.343, 15 RBIs, 10 stolen bases) was named to the team, as was outfielder Noah Miller (.338, 8 RBIs, 11 stolen bases).

Highland had two players named to the first team. Jacob Leonard made the infield after a smoking .517 average, three home runs and 18 RBIs. Brody Burton was given the first-team nod as a utility player after hitting .338 with 16 RBIs.

The Huskies had five players named to the second team. Dan Burton, Cael Yeggy, Bill Laughlin, Trey Lasek and Brady Hahn made the squad.

IMS had one player named to the second team. Landon Schrock represented the squad.

Every team was able to get two players on the Honorable Mention list. Jacob Boller and Kobe Borntrager represented IMS, and Corey Stewart and Chase Schultz represented Highland.

Mediapolis senior Cauy Massner was named Player of the Year in the North Division. Central Lee senior Waylon Weirather was named Player of the Year for the South side.

Coach of the Year honors went to Iowa Mennonite’s Danny Hershberger and Central Lee’s Shane Weirather.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Pitcher: Brennan Breuer (12), Mediapolis; Trevor Leyden (12), Iowa Mennonite. Catcher: Blake Bontrager (12), Iowa Mennonite; Quinn Ledger (12), Pekin. Infield: Alex Diewold (11), Mediapolis; Eli Ours (10), Iowa Mennonite; Tanner Bainbridge (12), Pekin; Jacob Leonard (12), Highland; Avery Knock (12), Lone Tree. Outfield: Karson Cantrell (12), Louisa-Muscatine; Zach Osborne (12), Mediapolis; Noah Miller (9), Iowa Mennonite; Calbe Comstock 912), Pekin. Utility: Ben Wolgemuch (12), Mediapolis; Kennan Winn (11), Pekin; Brody Burton (12), Highland.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Pitcher: Brady Latcham (10), Pekin; Dan Burton (12), Highland. Catcher: Bryce Houser (12), Lone Tree; Tate Kronfeldt (9), Wapello. Infield: Keaton Mitchell (12), Wapello; Landon Schrock (10), Iowa Mennonite; Mason Juhl (10), Pekin; Cael Yeggy (11), Highland; Keegan Edwards (11), Lone Tree. Outfield: Joseph Stewart (12), Wapello; Blake Osborne (11), Mediapolis; Bill Laughlin (11), Highland; Trey Lasek (12), Highland. Utility: Jacob Ford (10), Winfield-Mt. Union; Chase Witte (10), Wapello; Brady Hahn (12), Highland.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTION: Christian Gerot (11), Winfield-Mt. Union; Dawson Bergthold (11), Winfield-Mt. Union; Chase Kruse (11), Louisa-Muscatine; Kaden Schneider (11), Louisa-Muscatine; Brenton Ross (12), Wapello; Aiden Housman (11), Wapello; Nick Ensminger (12), Mediapolis; Colby Whitaker (11), Mediapolis; Jacob Boller (12), Iowa Mennonite; Kobe Borntrager (11), Iowa Mennonite; Tugg Hill (12), Pekin; Chase Stansberry (9), Pekin; Cory Stewart (12), Highland; Chase Schultz (9), Highland; Cade Shield (9), Lone Tree; Harmon Miller (11), Lone Tree.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION POY: Cuay Massner (12), Mediapolis

SEISC COACH OF THE YEAR: Danny Hershberger, Iowa Mennonite

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Pitcher: Waylon Weirather (12), Central Lee; Jaxon Thomas (12), Van Buren. Catcher: Dreyton LaVeine (11), West Burlington; Trenton Blythe (11), Notre Dame. Infield: Jadon Hawk (11), Central Lee; Ryan Wolf (10), Van Buren; Jacob Plecker (12), Van Buren; Drew Chiprez (11), Notre Dame; Nick Skerik (11), Notre Dame; Colby Aschenbrenner (11), Cardinal. Outfield: Tyler Hopp (12), Central Lee. Jeron Conner (11), Notre Dame; Darius Whaley (12), New London; Tyler Dameron (12), West Burlington. Utility: Mitchell Brent (11), Notre Dame; Ryle Koenig (12), Notre Dame; Cameron Honomichi (12), Cardinal, Jaxon Allen (11), New London.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Pitcher: Jentry Arbogast (11), Cardinal; Seth Bailey (9), New London. Catcher: Luke Simmons (11), Central Lee; Blaine Bryant (9), Cardinal; Shae Summerfield (11), New London. Infield: Alex Sandoval (9), Central Lee; Jonah Heckenberg (11), Van Buren; Lucas Anderson (11), Notre Dame; Braden Ridgway (12), Cardinal; Carter Allen (9), New London. Outfield: Sam Hirner (12), Central Lee; Tony Davidson (11), Van Buren; Carson Chiprez (9), Notre Dame; Landon Becker (9), Cardinal; Austin Mixer (12), West Burlington; Griffin Greiner (9), Cardinal; Caleb Stoltz (12), Van Buren; K.J. Skow (12), Central Lee.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTION: Ryan Clark (11), Cardinal; Evan Pohren (11), Central Lee; T.J. Stutes (11), Central Lee; Connor Schoenbein (9), New London; Kooper Schulte (9), New London; Jack Brent (9), Notre Dame; Brady Oleson (10), Notre Dame; Treyton Bainbridge (10), Van Buren; Mason McDonough (12), Van Buren; Tate Nelson (11), West Burlington; Cordell Scarborough (12), West Burlington; Grifen Molle (10), Danville; Reid Yaley (12), Danville.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISOIN POY: Waylon Weirather (10), Central Lee.