Police: Mt. Pleasant High School lockdown determined prank call, suspect in custody

MT PLEASANT — The Mt. Pleasant High School was on lockdown Wednesday afternoon following an active shooter threat later confirmed to be a hoax by Mt. Pleasant Police.

The police determined the identity of the suspected caller as a male juvenile with the help of the phone company and the suspected caller was later transported to a juvenile detention facility, according to a news release from the Mt. Pleasant Police.

On Dec. 11, at approximately 1:47 p.m., the Mt. Pleasant Police Department received a 911 emergency phone call stating there was an active shooter situation at the Mt. Pleasant Community High School, the news release stated. Mt. Pleasant Police responded to the situation with the assistance of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol.

“The school was contacted while officers were en route and advised they did not have any shooting that they were aware of and immediately went into lockdown,” the release reads. “Officers cleared the building and classrooms and determined it was a prank call.”

The lockdown was lifted by 3 p.m. and everyone was reported safe, according to a Facebook post by the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

“We hope we never have a real situation arise,” Chief Lyle Murray of the Mt. Pleasant Police Department said in the news release. “But we all want to be prepared if it does.”