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Education Programs

Testing Program

The Washington Community School District has adopted a comprehensive and complete standardized testing program for all enrolled pupils. Standardized group testing includes, but is not limited to, the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) for grades 3-11.

There are additional reading and math assessments given throughout the year to determine how well students are learning key concepts.

The district has also developed local assessments in mathematics, science, technology and writing. The tests are given at certain checkpoints in the student’s K-12 experience. The results of the testing program are used to assist individual students, plan for instruction and evaluate program effectiveness.

Extended Learning Program

Formerly known as the Talented and Gifted Program, the Extended Learning Program focuses on the opportunities that can be provided for a child who needs challenges not offered within the regular program. The ELP program in Washington has expanded to provide opportunities for students K-12. The following will be available for children in the ELP program:

Grades K-2

*Classroom modifications

*Small and large group activities

*Opportunities for all students

Grades 3-5

*Weekly classes for identified students

*Classroom modifications

*Student competitions

*Identification 3rd grade mid-year

Grades 6-8

*Classroom modifications

*Individual student projects

*Student Enrichment Classes

*Individual schedule modifications

*Extracurricular activities

Grades 9-12

*Individual schedule modifications

*Extracurricular activities

*Classroom modifications

*Rigorous curriculum offerings

*AP classes

*Concurrent Classes

Students are identified through a process that includes a number of indicators such as standardized tests, cognitive abilities tests, and parent and/or teacher nominations. A team of teachers review potential candidates and select students who may be served in the program. This is an ongoing process with student evaluations occurring several times a year so that the academic needs of the high ability students will be met.

Title I Program

The Title 1 Reading and Math program operates for students in grades 1-5 at Stewart Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and at St. James School. All students are served through a variety of services. We provide opportunities for all children to meet proficient and advanced levels of academic achievement. The program uses effective methods and instructional strategies that are based on scientifically based research that strengthens the core academic program, increases the amount of learning time and includes a variety of learning strategies.


Parents interested in their child participating in Homeschool may enroll their children in the district's Home School Assistance Program. Enrollment forms and more information about the Home School Assistance Program may be obtained on the district website or from the Home School Assistance Office at (319) 653-5734.

Non-Public School Students

Parents of students who are enrolled in a non-accredited school must file a Competent Private Instruction Report by September 1 each year. The report is to be completed in duplicate for each student. The forms are available at the Iowa Department of Education website; choose A-Z index, find Home Schooling (Private Instruction) and click on CPI Handbook. Page 21-22 of the handbook will provide you with a CPI form to print out and fill out. These forms are also available at the home school office at (319) 653-5734.

Support Services

Support services are available to assist teachers and families when concerns arise with students. These services include building staff (special education teacher, counselor, nurse, at-risk teacher, Behavior Interventionist, Extended Learning program teacher, Language Instruction Educational Program, etc.) and Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff (psychologist, social worker, consultant, speech-language pathologist, occupational and physical therapist, and others). Teachers and families may use input on an informational basis or request formal assistance in identifying strategies to address a concern, in carrying out these strategies, or in monitoring individual student progress. Additional information can be found through the building counselors or administrators.

Notifying Parents about their Child’s Teachers’ Qualifications

Parents have the right to know the qualifications of their child’s teacher(s). The district will ensure that parents will be notified in writing that their child has been assigned to or will be taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified. Parents may review the licensure information of teachers by going to the Board of Educational Examiners’ (BOEE) website:

Licensure Information Available On-line

To access information about a teacher’s license or any certified practitioner who is currently employed in an Iowa school, please follow the steps listed below:

Enter the BOEE’s website:

Click on Search for a License. Review the note and then select search for a License. Enter your search criteria. You must enter three characters of the teacher’s last name and first name to perform a search. Click on Search to see the results

Click on practitioner’s name to view license information.