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Home projects were popular with those stuck at home

WASHINGTON - With homeowners spending more time indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ace-N-More in Washington saw an increase of home repair projects and paint sales.

'Early on I thought, ‘Why are all of these people buying paint' in March and April,” owner and manager Craig Jones said.

It's just the sanity of something to do at home, he said.

Although they saw an increase of xontractors, Jones said they saw a huge increase in homeowner-type projects.

'Backyard projects, grilling, a lot of things to do on weekends and nights,” Jones said.

Though many people may have been working during the pandemic, Jones said the longer they're stuck at home, the more projects they find to do.

The projects people did during this time, Jones said they will look back and know they made good accomplishments and made capital investments in their property.

Jones said gray paints have been popular in the recent years. A popular paint brand has been the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, a brand created by a co-host of HGTV's 'Fixer Upper.”

The Benjamin Moore products have been a popular brand. Jones said they are high quality products that paint well.

'A lot of contractors use it, but they're actually really good for the homeowner because they apply a lot easier,” Jones said.

Gardening brought in people who were new to gardening.

There's been a shortage of many products, Jones said they try to do their best to keep things in stock.

Certain models of grills, charcoals and canning lids are just a few of the products Ace-N-More saw shortages of.

Jones said they have been preordering and buying larger quantities of items as well as buying from sources outside of Ace Hardware.

'At a point you run into a wall, and there's nothing left,” Jones said.

Jones said the store planned to be open as long as they were allowed because they sell necessary items such as plumbing and electrical supplies.

'It's what we stand for, being here for the community,” Jones said.

Paint has been a popular product at the Ace-N-More in Washington during the pandemic. Anthony Roque pulls out paint from the mixer at Ace-N-More and dabs a sample on the lid. (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)
Anthony Roque pulls out paint from the mixer at Ace-N-More. (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)