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Katelyn Adam

Fairfield High School

Parents: Brandi and Greg Adam

Co-curricular activities: VOX Choir, Jazz choir, Soccer, Football Manager, Basketball Manager, FCSD After School Program, Fairfield Health Career Academy, HOSA, NHS

Community activities: Volunteering at the elementary school, food bank, Shadowing at JCHC and VBHC

Future plans and goals: Attend the University of Iowa to major in Nursing

How will your high school experiences help you in the coming years?: I think that my high school education will help me to advance in my career and the education I have received will prepare me for the stress and variety of courses that I will have to take in college.

Fondest memory of high school: My fondest memory from high school would have to be the football games I got to experience with the boys.

Which teachers have had the biggest impact on you and why?: Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Higgins and Chris Norris they were positive role models for me and were always ready to go out of their way to better my education and high school experience.

Who is your role model and how did they influence you?: My role model would have to be my mom. She has always been my biggest supporter and she has been selfless and put in a lot of work for her family and career. I hope to follow in her footsteps.

What is special about your high school?: Fairfield High School is a special place with some of the best teaching staff and administrators in Southeast Iowa who are always ready to do the most to see students succeed. The atmosphere and culture of the school is what sets us apart from other schools.

If you go back to when you were a freshman, what advice would you give yourself?: Never be afraid to branch out and explore different possibilities.