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Maharishi International University celebrates 50 years

The Golden Jubilee at Maharishi International University is a celebration of their 50th Anniversary and will take place on Sept. 2-6.

Maharishi International University (MIU), located in Fairfield, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this upcoming school year. The Grand Golden Jubilee Celebration will begin Sept. 2 and conclude Sept. 6.

Photos highlighting the past 50 years will be on display in the university library, art created by those with connections to the university will be showcased in the Wege Center for the Arts and the latest breakthroughs will be presented by faculty and staff in their areas of expertise.

Attendees and visitors will have the opportunity to learn how MIU originated and certain elements to its establishment, as well as look ahead to the future of the university.

“It’s reviewing the past 50 years and how we got here, but there’s also going to be a component to where we’re going in the next 50 years,” said Vice President of Operations at MIU Tom Brooks. “One of the evenings will be devoted to what [University President John Hagelin] sees are the next steps of growth, what programs, what buildings are going to be needed to accommodate that growth. So part of it looking back, part of it looking forward as well.”

Alumni attendees will have the chance to reminisce on the campus they once belonged to, while seeing how it has evolved since attending the university. For those who cannot attend the celebration, prerecorded tours and livestreams of each event will be available via the university’s website in September to watch.

“Some of these tours and seeing the buildings are going to be prerecorded and will be played online when we are having lunch so that somebody in California can continue to watch something that will be prerecorded,” Brooks said. “So for anybody not able to come to Fairfield for this event, they’ll still be able to connect and see all the events as it’s streaming.”

MIU differs from other colleges within the state due to its consciousness-based education structure.

This educational blueprint combines the use of Transcendental Meditation, taught by the college’s namesake, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as well as understanding and learning the principles of life by which the higher education institution prides itself on honoring and teaching.

“Parts of consciousness-based education that have been here from the beginning is the practice of Transcendental Meditation by all of our students, staff and faculty,” Brooks said. “That is a core component of consciousness-based education that will always continue here.”

While established in 1971, it was not until 1974 that the campus was located in its current location on North North Street in Fairfield. The year prior to relocating to Iowa, MIU was located in an apartment complex near Santa Barbara, California.

Since then, MIU has grown drastically, now boasting 70 on-campus buildings and 1,861 students.

In its 50 years of operation, MIU has become accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Actor Jim Carrey applauds during the processional at the Maharishi University of Management graduation ceremony in Fairfield in May 2014. Carrey gave the commencement speech and was presented with an honorary doctorate by the university. (File)
David Ford runs the wood and metal shops in the Fairfield Makerspace on the campus of Maharishi International University.