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Saraswati Quevedo-Valls

Maharishi School

Parents: Laura Valls and Jorge Quevedo

Co-curricular activities: Student Council: President; Science fair; National Honors Society; Varsity tennis

Community activities: Sierra club: Board member; Interact: President

Future plans and goals: I hope to someday become a doctor or work in the realm of public health with communities who have limited access to healthcare, and help with the environment while doing so.

How will your high school experiences help you in the coming years?: Being surrounded by people of a whole array of different cultures, backgrounds and with different perspectives, I have learned how to appreciate and work with all sorts of different people. Because of this, I will be able to efficiently collaborate with people during college and in my career and appreciate ideas different from mine.

Fondest memory of high school: Listening to “Just the two of us,” with my best friend on repeat every time we would have a break from class Sophomore year, and having barbeques with my class at our local lake.

Which teachers have had the biggest impact on you and why?: Every teacher I have had has given me a new perspective, and challenged and expanded my thinking. However, one of the most crucial skills I have learnt has been from my first English teacher in the U.S Mr. Corbett. Prior to living in the States I hadn’t been taught to write essays and literature which put me behind when I moved here. Mr. Corbett was patient and taught me how to write essays and sparked my love for writing.

Who is your role model and how did they influence you?: Both my parents and each one of my four siblings. All of my family has taught me in their own ways how to love life, keep an open mind, be empathetic and have supported me through all my interests and dreams. I attribute who I am today to them.

What is special about your high school?: The diversity and small size of my high school, as well as the fact that we mediate and have consciousness based learning is a special feature of my school. These factors have allowed me to learn and make the most of my high school experience.

If you go back to when you were a freshman, what advice would you give yourself? I would tell my Freshman self to stop thinking so much. Rather than thinking about if I am good enough for something, thinking about every detail of everything and thinking about the future, chase all of your interests head on and cherish each and every moment in class, every moment with your peers, friends and teachers and every moment with your family.