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School Lunches Served at Each District Facility

The Washington Community School Food Service will begin the new year with one mission in mind-to create and provide good nutritional menus and choices for your children.

Lunch prices are $3.00 for students Kdg-12th grade. Reduced lunch for students is 40 cents.

Breakfast prices are $1.60 for students Kdg-12th. Reduced breakfast for students is 30 cents.

Milk for all children is 45 cents per ½ pint of milk.

Food Service Guidelines

Each family must reapply for free and reduced lunches each year.

Each family will be able to establish a family lunch account. This will enable one check to be written for one or more children.

Any questions concerning the Food Service Program can be answered by Yota Giardino at:


The school food service managers are:

Melody Erbacher-Stewart

Frances Williams-Lincoln

Isabel Morales-Middle School

Kara Evans-High School


In accordance with state and federal law, the Washington Community School District adopts the following policy to ensure school district employees, families and students have a shared understanding of expectations regarding meal charges. The policy seeks to allow students to receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day, prevent the overt identification of students with insufficient funds to pay for school meals, and maintain the financial integrity of the nonprofit school nutrition program. Payment of Meals: Students have use of a meal account. When the balance reaches $0.00 a student may charge no more than five (5) meals. When an account reaches this limit, a student shall not be allowed to charge a la carte items until the negative account balance is paid. Money may be added to lunch accounts in the following ways: PaySchool, which is online via or bring money to school.

Students who qualify for free meals shall never be denied a reimbursable meal, even if they have accrued a negative balance from previous purchases. Students with outstanding meal charge debt shall be allowed to purchase a meal if the student pays for the meal when it is received.

Negative Account Balances: The school district will make reasonable efforts to collect unpaid meal charges classified as delinquent debt. Negative balances not paid prior to the last day of the school year will be turned over to the superintendent or superintendent’s designee for collection. Options may include: collection agencies, small claims court, or any other legal method permitted by law.

Payment plans may be available by contacting Central Office during business hours at: