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The Well finds holistic approach to serving clients

The Well Fairfield is an organization interested in effectively serving people who struggle and lack stability in their lives. The Well uses a long-term, relationship-based, holistic approach to serving, empowering clients to move forward in life.

Support provided through the resource center includes, but is not limited to:

Support and Advocacy, Financial Assistance, Prayer and Encouragement, Work Program Placement, Resource Referral, Volunteer Placement at The Well, Addiction Recovery, and Planning for stability.

The Well Fairfield is made up of The Well Resource Center and The Well Thrift Store. Kerry Dierking is the director of ministry at The Well Fairfield.

The Well Thrift Store is run with an excellence and dignity mindset, focusing on hospitality and cleanliness while providing low-cost, used goods for consumers. The Well Thrift Stores allows The Well to have a sustainable organizational model. Nikki Rude is the thrift store manager in Fairfield.

Another major program The Well Fairfield hopes to offer in the future is Well Works. Well Works offers hope through work and relies on local businesses to provide work that can be completed in a safe environment for clients to learn what it takes to be a good employee and to find and retain employment. The Well believes in empowering individuals to participate in their journey forward.

The Well has locations in Pella, Knoxville and Fairfield and has served over 3,500 clients. The Well has volunteer opportunities for all gifts, skills and interests. Learn how you can get involved by visiting