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U.S. Cellular relocates out of downtown Fairfield

U.S. Cellular relocated out of downtown Fairfield to 2103 West Burlington Ave, next to Goodwill.

U.S. Cellular in Fairfield has relocated from its previous location to 2103 W. Burlington Ave. The relocation was brought on by a need to fill a larger space, easier parking access for customers and more upgrades in terms of product fixtures.

While most local businesses in Fairfield see moving to the downtown square area as an advantage for their business, U.S. Cellular feels as if their move has benefited them.

“We've gotten a lot of compliments on our upgraded showroom, convenient parking and ease of access,” said Nick Grafft, U.S. Cellular employee. “In addition to the focus on the customer experience we looked at the relocation as a way that we could invest back into the community that we serve.”

The updated showroom is what employees are most proud of from the move, according to Grafft.

“The showroom experience is the same if not better than what customers expect from the bigger cities in Iowa,” Grafft said. “Additionally we are already working on some really cool projects in the near future to bring more technology experiences to our new Fairfield showroom. The increased showroom space and parking lot will allow us to plan some really unique store events that we couldn't have done at our old location.”

U.S. Cellular ensured communication about their move was made known to customers who rely on their services, although their move was not centered on increasing foot traffic. However, it was about enhancing services for customers in the hopes of gaining new ones.

Within their new location, U.S. Cellular emphasized the need to “provide a much more usable and enjoyable space” for both employees and customers.

The retail building is meant to hold three businesses. One space is vacant, while U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile are located within.

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