Ambulatory Care Department name change

Washington County Hospital and Clinics recently changed the name of the Ambulatory Care Department to Outpatient Treatment and Infusion Center. Ambulatory has been used in the past to indicate outpatient surgical services. This terminology does not encompass all of the services provided through this department. By changing the department name to Outpatient Treatment and Infusion Center, WCHC will be able to more clearly communicate the services provided locally.

The Outpatient Treatment and Infusion Center provides an extensive list of services to patients in an outpatient setting including:

— Infusions — Iron, IVIG, Remicade, Ocrevus, blood & blood products, IV fluids and IV antibiotics

— Medication Injections — Epidural Steroid Injections, Prolia, etc.

— PICC/Port Flush

— Foley Catheter Insertions and Bladder screenings

— Cardioversions

— Urodynamics