At the library: Where to find our sunshine

By Jenisa Harris

The staircase in our house has a vintage window. On sunny mornings the sun casts beautiful, soft light on the banister and stairs. Every sunny morning my son, Jaxson, scoops up some sun and pretends to put it in his pocket. When he does this I tell him we will save it for a rainy day.

This joyful, innocent ritual had me thinking about how easily as adults we forget to find the sunshine in difficult situations. I know I have struggled with it during the Covid 19 pandemic. I have mourned the loss of “normalcy.” It’s difficult preparing for a Summer Reading program with no children in the library filling it with happy noises. I miss connecting with my library kiddos, missing our wonderful library family, and more.

Jaxson’s ritual had me thinking about how I could find my sunshine in all of this. I am so thankful for technology and the ability to program and connect with our patrons in that way. I am so grateful for the many years Jo and I have had hundreds of kids participating in Summer Reading. I’m thankful to a wonderful community that loves and cares about the library. I am thankful to get to partner with Jo and create a virtual Summer Reading so we can still connect with the children this summer. We have learned a lot along the way. It is a Summer Reading program we will never forget!

I hope you are taking advantage of our wonderful resources during this time. We are now offering curbside pickup! It’s a convenient, safe way to get your book fix! Call the library @ 653-2726 for more information. Participate in Summer Reading activities this June. On Mischievous Mondays we will post a quest on the library’s FB page at 1 p.m. Join us for Tuesday Tales via Zoom by calling the library for more information. On Theme Thursdays check the library’s FB page at 10 a.m. to see what character you will be challenged to dress up as! Also, please utilize our awesomely FREE digital resources! Feeling lonely and need to hear a friendly, familiar voice? Give us a call! We are happy to be the sunshine in your day.

So, the next time you see a ray of sunshine think to yourself, “How can I find the sunshine in my day.”