Brighton News

Rita Berry, of Bates City, Missouri, returned to the home of her mother, Winifred Fritz in Brighton, on Dec. 26. She’d gone to Galt, Missouri, to spend Christmas evening with her in-laws. Rita returned home on Jan. 1.

On Dec. 29, Jane Symmonds, Mary Boatright with Bridget Hollingsworth, of Fairfield, Lucy Dietzman, of Keosauqua, and their sister, Rita Berry, of Missouri, attended the boys’ Hawkeye basketball game in Iowa City.

Joe and Lori Fritz and family, of Brighton, helped provide the evening meal at the home of his mother, Winifred Fritz, of Brighton. They spent the evening of Dec. 29 playing games.

Rita Berry and her mother, Winifred Fritz, attended the 4 p.m. mass in Richland on Dec. 31. After mass, they went to the home of Winifred’s grandson, J.D. and Becky Hollingsworth, of Packwood.

J.D. and Becky Hollingsworth, of Packwood, held a soup supper and card party at their home for New Year’s Eve. Family members arrived from Fairfield, Brighton, Richland and Missouri.

Chris and Brandy Poli, of Waukee, held a Christmas celebration in their home on Dec. 27. Those present were her mother, Pat Remington, of Brighton, and Pat’s daughter, Angela and Tony Garmoe with Christopher, of Mt. Pleasant.

They were joined by Pat’s sisters Kim, of Clive, and Pam, of Dickson Tennessee.

On the return trip home, the Garmoes and Pat met Angela’s son Cody and Mackenzie in Oskaloosa.

Bob Shelangoski, of Brighton, enjoyed Christmas Day with his children and grandchildren. Bob and son Joe Goddell, of Brighton, spent the morning and early afternoon with Bob’s daughter Roberta and Ryan Sieren with Wyatt in Keota. Their daughter Abbey and Cody Kuntz, of Keota, were also present.

Bob then went to his daughter’s home. Robin and Bob Schulty in Wellman. Their children were also present — Felicia and Austin Laad, of Pella; and Spencer Schulty with girlfriend Sholow, of Wellman.

They all exchanged visiting and exchanging gifts. Felicia and Grandpa played cribbage. Grandpa won by two points.