Chapter D.L. of T.T.T.

Twelve members attended the Nov. 11, 2019 meeting in the Harvest Room at Halcyon House. Lea Smothers and Cathy Lewis as hostesses.

Phyllis Eisele reported that the nuts arrived, and a team of members met two days to package and distribute the nuts for sale. Julie Timmins has additional inventory for anyone who wants to purchase more. This is our annual fundraiser to support sending girls to camp in June. They will have a table for nut sales at the upcoming Halcyon Craft Show on Nov. 23. Denise Chalupa reported she sent 3 December birthday cards to former campers. Linda McNeil reported that the camp committee purchased camp items for next years girls from the Biannual T.T.T. convention marketplace. She also discussed upcoming holiday gifts for campers. It was approved by members to take the campers shopping for Thanksgiving and to purchase gifts for each camper for Christmas.

Cathy Lewis presented the budget for this fiscal year. It was approved by member vote. A donation was approved for the Holiday event WCDC hosts for their clients.

Janet Peterson, Linda McNeil and Julie Mangold reported on the T.T.T. Biannual Convention held in Cedar Rapids. They enjoyed the presentation by Kevin Cullum, Camp Wyoming Director. They also enjoyed the presentation by a panel of teacher, social worker, and guidance counselor from Marion and Cedar Rapids who spoke on the stresses of today for children.

Lea Smothers and Cathy Lewis served refreshments after the business meeting.

Our next meeting on Dec. 9, 2019 will be held at hostess Julie Timmins home. It will be co-hosted by Julie Mangold. This is our annual dinner meeting and gift exchange. If you are attending, you should contact Julie Timmins by Dec. 1.