Chilcote Questers meet

The Chilcote Questers meeting was called to order; 13 members and one guest, Wendy Heck, answered roll call regarding how we dye Easter eggs. Minutes were read and the treasurer’s report was approved.

A tentative bookplate was shared, to be used inside all Chilcote-donated books given to the Washington Public Library. Kathleen Almelien moved, seconded by Phyllis Eisele, to approve the design. The motion carried.

Trip committee Jeri Klein and Jackie Ross proposed a progressive tour of Quester member homes, featuring a display of antique items not previously shown to the group. June dates were discussed. It was finally decided that Sunday, June 2, was available for the most members. The Tour will begin at 1 p.m., at Eisele’s home, progress to Ross’ home and then to Klein’s home near Keota.

Program sign-up sheets for the 2019/20 year were distributed and mostly filled in. Members were reminded to bring a list of library book subjects they feel should be added to the antique book area. The Riverboat Casino Mini-Grant program will occur again and the club submit another proposal for work at Conger House.

Mary Levy was the hostess and Wendy Langan the co-hostess. Almelien gave the program, transporting members to Norway, to discuss the Bunad, regional Norwegian costumes that signified the area of Norway a member’s family was from. Almelien’s Bunad was from her husband’s region and begins w/ the appropriate undergarments and mid-covering garments. These are frequently made of wool and help keep the wearer warm during Norwegian chilly spells. The outer garments include a blouse, a skirt, a vest and decorative elements of jewelry, also related to the family’s background.

Upcoming antique auctions and shows were discussed before the meeting adjourned and Langan’s almond pastry was served.