Crawfordsville news: United Church Women meet

The United Church Women met Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 at the United Church of Crawfordsville with 10 ladies present. This is the first meeting of the U.C.W. since all meetings and fundraisers were cancelled due to the pandemic.

The meditation was given by Cathy Williams on “Joy and Gladness” from Isaiah 6:3, “Even in the Darkest of Storms Joy and Gladness Exists.”

President Debbie Lowe called the meeting to order and the Opening Creed was read in unison. The minutes of the March 10, 2020 meeting were read by Secretary Billie Jo Rose and approved as read. Treasurer Pat Miller gave the treasurer’s report and it will be filed for audit.

Local Activities: Due to Covid, the ladies will not be serving the Lions Club supper.

Dorcas: Wilma reported even though the sewing group has not met several ladies have taken quilts to their homes and worked on them. Quilts have been given to Sunrise Terrace in Winfield and also, one was taken to Beth Brooks who was hospitalized recently.

Cards, Flowers & Gifts: The usual mix of cards had been sent.

Study & Devotions/Mission Outreach: The Regular Offering and Least Coin Offering were taken and the Prayer of the Least Coin was read together.

Old Business:The Fall Rummage Sale was cancelled.

New Business: A nice cupboard that can be used for storage for the women’s sewing material was donated and it will be modified to serve their needs. The Officers were elected unanimously and there was motion made and seconded to use the same books in 2021, as in 2020, just change the dates.

The District Annual Meeting in September and Mission Day Apart 2020 have both been cancelled. There is to be a new Southeast District.

Fall Gathering cancelled and the business meeting will be conducted in the Spring Workshop. There will not be a meeting in October.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 Evening Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Meditation: Margaret Patterson

Hostess: Clarissa Malmberg

The treasury will be assessed and people are to bring their Blessing Boxes.

Dorcas: September 28; October 12 and 26 and November 9.

Work Committees:

September: Pauline and Cathy

October: Pauline and Donna

November: Cathy and Rachel

Following a motion to adjourn, the meeting closed with everyone reciting the Closing Creed.

Debbie closed with the following quotes “Look around you and be distressed, Look within you and be depressed, Look to Jesus and be at rest. “In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and He heard me.” Psalm 120:1.

In other news:

David and Zola Cerka attended the wedding of their granddaughter, Mckaylia Cerka to Tom Sturtz on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 3 p.m. in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the farm home of her parents, David II and Veronica Cerka in Cedar Rapids. Also attending were her aunt and uncle, Beth and Lee Tubach of Denver, CO, and Colleen and Richard Gregg of Lincoln, NE and Jolleen Cerka and Tammy Valentine of Washington, IA.

A few members of the Wyman Club enjoyed lunch together Sunday at Marr Park near Ainsworth with John Wittrig and Laura Wittrig and Tom McPhail of Winfield. Others present were Ruth Erwin, Elaine Prom, Carol Steele and Billie Jo Rose. This was the first any had gotten together since March and it was good to see everyone again.

Visitors this week in the home of David and Zola Cerka have been childhood friends of Zola, Velma and Marion Moen of St. Louis, MO. and Charlene and Al Rozinek of West Branch.