Fairfield area school lunch menus: March 2-6

The following lunch menus are for the week of March 2-6. All meals come with milk choice.


Monday - Cheese and pepperoni pizza, glazed carrots, diced pears, fresh garden bar.

Tuesday - Hot dog and chili dog on bun, French fries, sidekicks, fresh garden bar.

Wednesday - Spaghetti and meat sauce, mac and cheese, garlic toast, mixed vegetables, diced peaches, fresh garden bar.

Thursday - Chicken bacon flatbread, BBQ chicken flatbread, corn, applesauce, fresh garden bar.

Friday - Orange chicken, sweet chili Thai chicken with rice and egg rolls, steamed broccoli, pineapple, fresh garden bar.


Monday - Sausage biscuits and gravy, crispy tri taters, fresh citrus fruit cup.

Tuesday - BBQ Rib on bun, ranch, sweet potato wedges, seasoned baked beans, juicy pears.

Wednesday - Creamy mac and cheese, tangy little smokies, crisp romaine salad, sweet apples.

Thursday - Corn dog, seasoned green beans, sweet strawberries.

Friday - Zesty sloppy Joe on bun, crunch baked lays, savory green beans, sweet pineapple, mandarin oranges.

Van Buren

Monday - Chicken pot pie, chocolate chip muffin, carrots, cucumbers.

Tuesday - Nacho chips and cheese, bread and jelly, corn bean salsa, broccoli.

Wednesday - Sloppy Joe on bun, French fries, red peppers.

Thursday - Mini chicken tacos, side salad tomatoes.

Friday - Personal pan cheese pizza, corn, green beans.


March menu not available.