Fairfield residents publish book 'The Coherence Effect'

Fairfielders Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, (a professor at Maharishi International University), and attorney Jay Marcus have written a new book with Chris Clark, MD. The book is “The Coherence Effect,” and it will be published by Armin Lear Press on Nov. 4. It’s now available at Amazon.

According to the book’s Foreword by Tony Nader, a medical doctor who also has a PhD in neuroscience from MIT, “The book illustrates a simple, yet profound law of nature—coherence heals.”

“Because coherence or order in the body is what heals us, modern medicine seeks to overcome disorders by bringing order or coherence to the body,” according to a news release from the authors. “But pharmaceuticals often just treat our symptoms and are for specific disorders, not for lasting health or prevention.”

For lasting health, the authors say the public needs to create order or coherence to prevent disease through the everyday things that keep them healthy. The book has guidelines on what to eat to create coherence (foods good for one person’s body type are not good for others), and properly digest food (the authors say undigested food is a major cause of disease), get proper sleep and relaxation, and exercise to produce coherence rather than exhausting ourselves as we get older.

“The book has chapters on Transcendental Meditation and the brain wave coherence it produces, and it compares TM to mindfulness and other techniques that are difficult to practice and don’t produce brain coherence,” the news release stated.

It also has chapters on the coherence-generating treatments at The Raj clinic in Fairfield where Clark was medical director for 15 years. The book has interviews with many people who came to Fairfield due to The Raj’s treatments for insomnia, digestive disorders, neurological disorders, obesity, and other disorders.

The book’s website for more information is