Letter to the editor

The bases are covered!

To the Editor:

As I was looking at the wonderful recent changes to the WAARC (Washington Area Amateur Radio Club) communications trailer, I think we have interoperability covered. Thanks to the recent LARGE gracious grant from the Riverboat Foundation, we can have communication with almost anyone. This includes CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and those wishing to help who are not Hams. We have CB, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), FRS (Family Radio Service), MURS (Multi Use Radio Service), Aircraft, Marine, and a Police And Fire Scanner.

We have digital modes available PSK-31 and JT-8 for text, also a verbal mode on FM using C4FM.

PSK and JT-I are computer to radio digital modalities where text versions using handshake technology between computers and two-way radios. This also includes the MARS (Military Affairs Radio Service).

This setup was professionally installed by electronic craftsmen from the club. A big shout out to Michael Hafner for the splendid radio mounting cabinet. Also, to the metal fabricating company in Kalona for the wonderful antenna mounting rack. And to all the WAARC folks for installing this equipment.

During Washington Ridiculous Day the past weekend, we were able to showcase the Communications trailer on the square and operate some of the radio equipment nationwide making several contacts with museum ships on the east coast.

On June 22 and 23, the Washington Area Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the biannual Field Day event this summer located at the Washington County Emergency Operations Center at the Washington County Office complex located on Lexington Avenue.

This is not only an event to demonstrate Ham radio to the public, but it is an exercise putting our staff and equipment through their paces testing emergency communications readiness. The WAARC and ARES does this twice a year winter and summer.

Lynn Reasor, Washington