Letter to the editor: Driver apologizes for narrowly missing pedestrian

To the editor,

I am writing this letter to apologize to the woman I almost hit on the crosswalk on the Fairfield Square. This past Sunday night I was turning onto 34 West from Highway 1 and all of a sudden I saw a movement to the front and left that caught my attention and I slowed down. I looked to the left and there you were, an arm’s length or so away from my van looking at me! I was stunned and the look on your face mirrored my own. That night at home I came to the realization that the movement I saw before I slowed might have been you trying to the get out of harm’s way! Is that so? I am writing this letter because I don’t know who you are but I want to say I am sorry for the fear I must have caused you. Perhaps there is a chance you will see this and accept my apology. I thank God that you are swift footed and I had slowed. I am so sorry I didn’t see you.

Therese Cummiskey,