Letter to the editor: 'Thank you' to area teachers

To the editor,

Thank you to all employees that work in the educational realm in the Fairfield Community School District. American Education Week (Nov. 18-22) is a way to celebrate and highlight the importance of education. Each Fairfield employee shares a piece in the importance of a child growing up in our community and our district. Your impact has a ripple effect that can last a lifetime for a child. You (collective that includes: teachers, students, associates, bus drivers, secretaries, maintenance, custodians, technology, central office staff, principals, parents, and volunteers) are a part of developing the future for our community. Fairfield Community School District employees work endlessly to provide top quality experiences for the youth in our area.

This week is a chance to highlight the importance of education and those which work in the field of school districts. The quality of the schools reflects on the economic development of the community, the prosperity of the businesses in the area and the future development of our students. The district truly appreciates the support in which our community provides to the students and employees.

Thank you to all who impact the lives of the children in our district.

Dr. Laurie Noll, Fairfield Community School District