Letter to the editor: Trump best person to 'Make America Great Again'

To the editor:

President Trump is one of the few presidents that have tried to do what he promised. The president has faced problems from the Democrats even before he took office, because Trump promised to drain the political swamp.

The wall is important to keep terrorists out. The Democrats accuse Trump of racial prejudice, but the Democrats were involved in slavery and the Ku Klux Klan.

I don’t understand why anyone would vote for socialism when everyone but the politicians would be poor. There would be no incentive to better yourself.

The Democrats have spent our tax dollars on trying to impeach the president instead of helping the people on subjects like the War on Drugs, infrastructure, immigration, police and shootings in schools.

I believe that President Trump is the best person to continue our economy and “Make America Great Again.”

- Don Kremer, Fairfield