Log Cabin Questers

Log Cabin Questers met at the home of Sharon Hahn, May 2, 2019. Following the business meeting, the members were joined by the three daughters of the late Mary Statler, a beloved charter member of the Log Cabin Questers. Another guest of the day was the granddaughter of Karen Lyons, the little Miss Violet Klein.

Sharon presented a program on Keota Glass and showed her collection, which included several patterns. The Keota Glass Factory was started in the late 1870s and was thought to be the first glassmaking venture west of the Mississippi River. Sand for the glass production was retrieved from Grace Hall and also the Skunk River. Within two years the business was moved to Iowa City, where there was thought to be better water. The Keota Glass tended to be cloudy, and there were rumors that it became combustible if left in the sunshine. However, the Iowa City factory also shut its doors quite soon, and the owners lost the bulk of their investments. The building in Keota was used for a time as an opera house and other ventures, but was eventually demolished and the site covered with grass.

Delicious seasonal pastry was served, and the dining table was filled with lively conversation.