Log Cabin Questers meets

The Log Cabin Questers met at the home of Martha Hahn, Washington, on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. During the business meeting it was noted that Herb Yoder, husband of Dorothy Koehler-Yoder, was celebrating his 90th birthday. Norma Stutzman’s new address was also given to members.

A program on Coffee Grinders was presented by Martha. Arabica coffee beans were roasted as early as A.D. 900. The beans were ground between two rocks or in a mortar and pestle. The beans were then thrown in a fire until they burst. The Ibrik style maker boiled the beans. Spice grinders were used in 14th century Europe. In the mid-18th century coffee grinders were made with a grinding handle on the top of a box with a set-in bowl. Most households had coffee grinders at this time. The first coffee grinders of Europe were made in France. Coffee mills were made in both the United States and Europe in the 1700s. In 1830, Robert Weaver made boxed grinders in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Charles Parker also made two-wheeled grinders which were very decorative. Various styles were shown from Martha’s collection and her research. They were made of tin, glass, ceramic, or steel.

A delicious dessert was served around a beautiful table.