Reading is great way to pass the quarantine

Over the past few months, everyone has been stressed, worried, confused, and some probably were fearful. Who would have ever thought that we would be living through a pandemic, especially in the year 2020?

My quarantine was very repetitive. I got my school work done as fast as I could, in hopes that I would be able to do other things. After completing my work, I napped, knitted, painted, baked, and read. I had to reread a lot of the books I had at home, but I was able to pick out new things that I didn’t notice the first time. Thankfully, I was able to come back to the library and pick out some of the new books that we have on the shelves. Reading is a very good thing to do, especially if you are stressed. It can help you take your mind off the situation that you are in.

The books that I was really interested in during quarantine were mostly books that were about harder subjects. I liked to read these books because I had a lot of time to reflect on them. I was able to apply them to my life and to the world. Sometimes the books made me feel sad because I wasn’t able to experience some of the things that happened, like going to concerts or school. These books also helped me feel better, because even though I couldn’t experience those things, I could still think about when I could do “normal things” and then I felt thankful.

Just recently, I read a book called Fear of Missing Out by Kate McGovern. The book is about a teenager named Astrid who just discovered that her brain tumor came back. Astrid knows that she does not have much longer after the tumor reappears. She goes on a road trip with her boyfriend and her best friend to go sightseeing and to hopefully find a way to revive her in the future, knowing that she will never get the chance to do these things if she waited any longer.

This book made me reflect on things that were happening in the world today. Even though we are stuck in our homes or do not have a lot of normalcy in our lives right now, when we do get the opportunity to do something, we need to take the chance. There are so many things that we can enjoy now even if it seems like there is nothing to do. Try new things. Enjoy time with your family. Call your best friend. You never want to miss out on those things, especially now, because we need to cherish the things that we are able to do.