Unchecked wireless expansion 5G in Fairfield

To the editor,

I am troubled about the issue of 5G wireless expansions in Fairfield. I’d like to know that the town is being informed about the three 5G towers ‘in use’ in Fairfield and US Cellular’s 2020 plans.

What is 5g?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It promises faster downloads, and higher quality resolution for 3D pictures for gaming, etc.

Unfortunately, 5G Towers broadcast microwaves, an electro magnetic pollution, 24-7. These very high frequencies, in the Gigahertz’s, have not yet been safety tested.

The potential health problems for communities being showered with 5G constantly have created an international protest of scientists.

Plus, 5G and smart meters communicate to each other, as part of the “Internet of Things” collecting and selling our private data to various recipients, some for profit.

Why are Iowa and Wisconsin citizens 5G Guinea Pigs?

Iowa and Wisconsin are slated to be the first in the US to have 24 and 28 Gigahertz frequencies activated in the first quarter of 2020.

These new powerful frequencies have zero safety testing on Humans, Animals or Insects. A population cannot be experimented on without being informed and giving their permission.

US Cellular bought these frequencies at auction from the FCC for installation our area for $250,000 million and they will complete the upgrade soon.

Where are the 5G towers in Fairfield?

The towers on Depot Street, Walden Lake, Wal-Mart are turned on.

What is Iowa and Wisconsin’s Future in 2020?

Phase 1

Modulated frequencies of 600 MHz with a 1 to 6 GHz rider frequency. This Phase 1 plan is now enacted.

Phase 2

US cellular has placed 5G 600 MHz towers in 120 towns in Iowa. They have been purchased at government auction the 24 Ghz, 28 GHZ. Phase 2 will be a disaster for many of the people of Iowa, according to thousands of international scientists Most people have no idea what has happened and why they may be suddenly symptomatic.

What are the potential health problems from a community being showered 24/7 with 5G frequencies?

Even with a healthy lifestyle, it is impossible to safeguard health from these pervasive frequencies.

Many symptoms are related to changes in the electrical activity of the brain. Neuro-degenerative disorders have been reported. Many people living within a mile from a tower feel they are “burning up” according to Swiss residents who have the full 5G turned on.

Most Common Complaints in HUMANS

Sleep disruption, Headache, Ears ringing, Concentration problems, Nausea, Tinnitus, Forgetful memory, Depression, Filled with Anxiety, Fatigue, Dizziness, Palpitations of the Heart, Visual Disorders, Cardiovascular Problems, Buzzing in the Head, Pain, Increase in Cancer Risk.


Environmental testing is needed to determine the full extent of the influence.

Birds and Bees- navigation and reproduction interference

Dairy cows –Decreased milk production, reproductive and developmental problems.

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Judith Hans-Price