United Presbyterian Home news

Doris Davidson appears at the health center dining room window twice each day at the same time to wave at residents, a ritual that Doris started when her husband Dick was a resident there. Health Center residents now wait for Doris to make her appearance and eagerly return the waves. One gentleman even gives her a virtual hug by crossing his arms over his chest and squeezing. Doris reports that she enjoys the visits as much as the residents inside. She especially enjoys listening to Lee Buchholz sing to his wife, Lois from outside the dining room window, something he tries to do each day also.

The first day of autumn arrived to brilliant orange and red color in the Maple trees within our view along East Washington Street. Two matching Maples flank the brick wall holding the United Presbyterian name. Numerous residents comment on the beautiful sight and awe in the magic of Mother Nature.

Ken Wagner dropped off two beautiful fall bouquets on Tuesday. One to his mother Thelma and the other to Mary Case. It was Ken’s birthday and he was treating the two special women in is life to birthday bouquets.

As the Schwans ice cream truck drove to the front of the main building this week, we were reminded of a time when the ice cream man would travel city streets on a bicycled cart ringing a bell to alert kids of his arrival. Kids would run inside hoping to get enough change for a frozen treat before the wagon passed by. Just as in years past, the ice cream man was greeted by a line of residents with money in hand waiting their turn for treats. All that was missing was the bell.