Veterans invited to speak to FHS seniors

Courtesy of John Miller

Are you a military veteran with a story to share about your service? Many veterans, whether they served in combat or otherwise, have valuable experiences that can inspire high school students to serve or simply to develop greater appreciation for others who have already served. Several Fairfield High School seniors want to meet you and discuss this opportunity.

The seniors want to engage veterans in one of three ways: develop a letter exchange, encourage a speaking engagement in their high school classroom, or be interviewed for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

Interested veterans can attend the Veterans Day event at the high school on Monday, Nov. 11, at 10 a.m. FHS Principal Brian Stone will provide an opportunity for veterans there to sign up. An interested veteran may begin with the letter exchange with a senior and progress from there to the speaking opportunity or to being interviewed, if interested—according to the veteran’s interest.

For more information, or if you can’t attend the Nov. 11 meeting, contact John Miller, coordinator for Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), at (641) 919-4242 or email: