West Chester Alumni Banquet 2019

Alumni of West Chester School and friends met June 2, 2019, at the West Chester Heritage school building for a bountiful potluck meal at noon. Visiting with classmates, friends and relatives made for a festive day.

Dean Greiner, of the Heritage Board, called the meeting to order. Heritage Board members reported on activities that had taken place during the past year. Kevin Dunbar talked about the installation of new solar panels. Members of the Heritage Board were introduced: Dean Greiner, Kevin Dunbar, Missy Patterson, Carman Yoder Woods, and Kristine McCall.

Connie Crile Bauer, president of the Alumni, introduced classes of the West Chester School. The oldest alumna was Charlotte Young Lemley, Class of 1945, from La Plata, Missouri. Other class members were recognized with year roll call. The West Chester 60-year Class of 1959 had five members in attendance – Ed Augustine, Stan Bauer, Dave DeLong, Sharon Sheetz Hahn, and Tom Hobbs. This was the first kindergarten class at West Chester. Miss Kinney was the teacher, and they had three grades in the room.

Connie Crile Bauer reported that most of the attendance was from the community, and the younger people were graduates from Mid-Prairie instead of West Chester. It was voted that the West Chester Alumni and the Heritage Association would merge. The money in the Alumni and the Heritage would be combined.

Money was raised from selling donated items. Monies from both organizations will be merged to the newly created Heritage account.