7-year-old Brighton girl featured on Fareway trailer

Adrian Green poses in front of her larger-than-life picture on the side of a Fareway trailer. (Submitted)
Adrian Green poses in front of her larger-than-life picture on the side of a Fareway trailer. (Submitted)

To highlight the importance of youth in agriculture, Fareway has partnered with Iowa 4-H and FFA to wrap a semi-trailer promoting the two youth development organizations.

The semi-trailer was showcased at the Boone County Fair and in Ames but will hit the road this week. Uniquely Washington County 4-H Clover Kid member Adrian Green of Brighton is pictured on the trailer with other youth from across the state.

Green’s picture was captured at the Iowa 4-H booth at the Iowa State Fair while participating in STEM learning stations on the grand concourse a few years ago. Green was able to see her picture, larger than life, on a visit to Ames July 27.

“It was a lot bigger than I imagined,” 7-year-old Green said. “Our family really loves 4-H, so this is perfect.”

She is a member of the Washington Clover Kids Club and the daughter of John and Amy Green of Brighton.

Youth featured on the semi-trailer design were invited to view the branded vehicle at the Iowa State University campus in Ames before it joined the Fareway fleet.

“Fareway is proud to support our state’s agricultural youth programming and partner with 4-H and FFA on this branded semi-trailer,” said Fareway President and CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “These organizations not only instill learning and promote inclusivity, but they empower the next generation to be good stewards of the community.”

4-H alum Sarah Turnbull was excited to have her daughter Stella featured on the branded semi-trailer.

“Despite Stella’s physical disability, 4-H is adaptable, allowing her the opportunity to grow and take part in activities like every other kid,” Turnbull said. “4-H empowers her to believe in herself and be an active part of her community, which is so important for all of our youth. The trailer is incredible and we hope that it encourages others to give 4-H a try!”

“Iowa 4-H is grateful for the support of Fareway and for the opportunity to promote our program,” said Debbie Nistler, Iowa 4-H state program leader. “This is a unique way to bring awareness to our amazing members across the state.”

The branded trailer will be added to Fareway’s existing fleet and travel a six-state region including Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota.